Vittoria Brut Rosè

Vittoria is a Brut Rosé sparkling wine, produced with Sangiovese grapes and dedicated to Vittoria Contini Bonacossi.

Scopri Vittoria Brut Rosè della Tenuta di Capezzana uno spumante prodotto con 100% uve Sangiovese

Vittoria Brut Rosè







Charmant – Martinotti

First production year.


Wine Description

Vittoria is a Brut Rosé sparkling wine made from Sangiovese grapes and dedicated to Vittoria Contini Bonacossi, an extraordinary woman of the 20th century. The grapes are harvested in the first half of August from complex and chaotic soils. After an alcoholic fermentation of about 10 days in steel tanks at 18°C and a brief pellicular maceration, the sparkling wine is fermented in autoclaves for 6 months. The result is a delicate pale pink color, with floral notes of rose and white flowers on the nose and a taste of rose, violet and green apple blending with delicate citrus notes. This sparkling wine exhibits harmonious balance, agile drinkability and a soft, lingering finish.

Food Pairing and Tasting Tips:

We recommend serving Brut Rosé Vittoria sparkling wine at a temperature between 8° and 12°C. It is perfect to enjoy as an aperitif or in combination with fish dishes, thanks to its freshness and lightness that make it ideal to accompany delicate dishes and marine flavors. Its elegance and floral bouquet also make it perfect for special occasions and romantic evenings.

COLOR: Pale pink

AROMA: Intensely floral with notes of roses and white flowers

TASTE: Fresh, elegant and balanced; rose, violet and green apple with light citrus notes. The palate manifests balance, harmony and drinkability; smooth and persistent

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