Capezzana Products

Capezzana’s wines and oil, the result of the passion we put into our land.

The Millenary History of Our Wine

Wine is the passion of our family and has been present since Etruscan times. An accurate selection of grapes and careful winemaking, organic and traditional, looking to the future with the use of innovative techniques. Each bottle tells our story, enhancing the typicality of the territory. Discover the history of our wines and come to taste them by booking your tasting.

Capezzana Wines

A wine with personality, an expression of the Tuscan territory.

A wine with a enveloping flavor, that embraces the palate.

The elegance of a great wine, aged with care.

The balance between strength and refinement, a wine with a bold character.

A tribute to Ugo Contini Bonacossi, from whom this wine originates.

The taste of the Tuscan terroir in a historic wine with a unique personality.

An elegant and complex wine, perfect for special occasions.

A fresh and fruity wine, with a light and pleasant taste.

Innovation and tradition meet, creating a wine with a surprising taste.

A wine with intoxicating freshness, to celebrate the wonder of life and love.


A wine with great complexity and concentration, elegant and balanced.


Our grappa obtained by distilling the dried grapes of Vin Santo.

An oil that is the fruit of a thousand-year-old Tuscan tradition.

Tastings at Capezzana Estate

Come and discover the history of our cellar and taste the wines and oil we produce. The tasting is the ideal opportunity to appreciate the commitment and passion that our family puts into creating each bottle. We will be delighted to guide you on this sensory journey, helping you discover the nuances of our products.