Vin Santo, Grappa and Oil: there’s more than just wine

Capezzana is much more than a renowned wine cellar: it is a place where passion and respect for the land give life to a variety of products that encapsulate the essence of the Tuscan territory. In addition to its celebrated wines, the estate boasts a production of Vin Santo, Grappa and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, each with its own unique history and distinctive characteristics.

These products, the result of centuries of tradition and innovation, represent Capezzana’s deep connection to its land and culture.

The grapes used for the prized Capezzana Vinsanto.
The natural drying of grapes used to make the prized Capezzana Vinsanto

Vin Santo: the elixir of Capezzana

Vin Santo di Carmignano Riserva is one of Tenuta di Capezzana’s gems, a wine that encapsulates centuries of Tuscan wine history. Made with a predominance of Trebbiano grapes and a small portion of San Colombano, this wine is the result of a process that begins with the manual selection of the grapes in early September and their natural drying until early in the new year. Vinification takes place in small barrels of fine wood “c.d. caratelli” – chestnut, oak and cherry – a detail that gives Vin Santo a unique and distinctive character.

With a minimum aging of six years in the caratelli, Vin Santo di Capezzana becomes a sublime example of the balance between sweetness and complexity, a true elixir that captures the flavors and aromas of the Carmignano territory.

Grappa: the subtle elegance of Capezzana

Grappa di Vin Santo di Capezzana is a distillate that expresses finesse and elegance. Made from the dried pomace of Vin Santo Riserva, this grappa represents a perfect fusion of tradition and craftsmanship. The decision to use Trebbiano and San Colombano grapes, the same ones used for Vin Santo, gives this grappa a distinctive aromatic profile, characterized by sweet floral notes and a broad, balanced taste.

Grappa di Vin Santo di Capezzana is a tribute to the richness of the flavors of the land of Carmignano and a testament to the estate’s ability to transform its products into high quality expressions.

The olives that give life to Tenuta di Capezzana's Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
The olives that give life to Tenuta di Capezzana’s Strictly Tuscan Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Oil: the liquid gold of Capezzana

Capezzana Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a true expression of the land of Carmignano. This organic oil, produced from olives harvested from the Moraiolo, Frantoio, Pendolino and Leccino varieties, is the result of a skillful combination of tradition and innovation. Capezzana’s olive groves, which cover more than 100 hectares in the rolling Tuscan hills, yield a bright green oil with an elegant, delicate taste that reflects the typical scents and flavors of the area.

Every drop of this oil tells a story of passion and dedication, of an unwavering commitment to quality and respect for the environment. Capezzana’s Olio EVO is more than just a condiment; it is an ingredient that accompanies every dish, bringing with it the taste and essence of Tuscany.

Tenuta di Capezzana is a microcosm of Tuscan food and wine excellence, where the quality and variety of products come together to create a unique sensory experience. In addition to its renowned wines, the estate is distinguished by the production of Vin Santo, Grappa and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, each representative of the richness and diversity of the Carmignano area. These products, born from the same land and the same passion, tell stories of tradition, innovation and dedication.

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