The 5 things to do in Carmignano: among archaeology, wine and nature

Discover 5 things to do in Carmignano in Prato among the Tuscan hills

Carmignano is a name that conjures up images of golden vineyards, rolling hills that look like they were painted by an artist, and a cultural heritage that dates back to the Etruscans. This Tuscan village is a concentration of everything that makes Italy irresistible.

But what makes Carmignano so special? Here is a detailed guide to five experiences that will make you understand why this place is a treasure trove of wonders.

Tasting of authentic wines

We begin our journey with one of the most authentic experiences Carmignano has to offer: a wine tasting at the Tenuta di Capezzana . But we are not talking about a simple tasting. Imagine being welcomed into a centuries-old wine cellar, where the wood of the barrels and the scent of aged wine fill the air.

Here, each glass tells a story: from the care taken in selecting the grapes, to the passion of a family that follows the wine every step of the way. And as you savor each sip, an experienced sommelier will guide you through the notes and aromas on a journey that goes far beyond the palate.

Discover wine tastings in Carmignano at Tenuta di Capezzana in Tuscany

Exploring the charms of Carmignano

After delighting your senses with fine wines, it’s time to discover the historical and cultural heart of Carmignano, enjoying the breathtaking views from the village and its quaint museums. Not to be missed is the Fortress of Carmignano, a fortress that dominates the surrounding landscape and offers a panoramic view that will leave you breathless.

But the real gem is the Church of Saints Michael and Francis, which houses one of the most fascinating works of Florentine Mannerism: the “Visitation” by Pontormo. This masterpiece, with its vibrant colors and dynamic composition, is one of many testimonies to Carmignano’s cultural importance.

The Fortress of Carmignano with panoramic views of Prato and the Tuscan hills

Food and wine tours

The Carmignano area is a true paradise for food and wine lovers. In addition to vineyards and wineries, the region offers a variety of food and wine experiences ranging from small local cheese and charcuterie producers to gourmet restaurants serving traditional Tuscan dishes.

Among the many opportunities, the experiences offered by the Tenuta di Capezzana deserve special mention. But don’t think that the Estate is just wine; here, the range of products is surprisingly diverse. During bookable experiences at the facility, you will have the opportunity to taste not only their fine wines, but also other delicacies such as the Vin Santo, the Grappa di Vin Santo and theOrganic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Each product is an emblem of the quality and tradition that characterize the estate and the Carmignano region as a whole.

And if you’re looking for a unique food and wine experience, the Vinsantaia in Capezzana is a must-see: awine bar with a kitchen where you can sample a curated selection of local wines and products in an environment that enhances the food and wine culture of Tuscany in a contemporary way.

Carmignano offers the opportunity for unique food and wine experiences such as those at Tenuta di Capezzana to discover wine, vin santo, oil and Tuscan cuisine

Art and culture in Carmignano

But Carmignano is not only a place of sensory pleasures; it is also a treasure trove of art and culture. The Artimino Archaeological Museum is a must for anyone interested in the ancient history of the region.

Here, you can see artifacts dating back to Etruscan times, including jewelry, weapons and tools that offer a fascinating glimpse into a lost civilization. And if you are a fan of architecture, the Villa Medicea “La Ferdinanda” is a Renaissance masterpiece that you cannot miss. Also known as the “Villa of the 100 Chimneys,” this structure is a magnificent example of Medici architecture and offers a panoramic view of the Tuscan landscape that will leave you speechless.

Experience authentic Tuscany

Carmignano is the ideal place to immerse yourself in nature and experience Tuscany in all its authenticity. Montalbano trails offer endless opportunities for hiking and biking through chestnut and oak forests, flower-filled meadows and lush vineyards.

For those looking for a unique experience, the Tenuta di Capezzana offers an E-bike tour that will allow you to explore the region’s breathtaking landscapes in a sustainable and adventurous way. It is a great way to discover hidden corners and enjoy unforgettable views while savoring the essence of Tuscany in every breath, in every ray of sunshine filtering through the trees, in every smile of the locals.

Try an E-Bike Tour organized by Tenuta di Capezzana and discover Carmignano and the Tuscan hills

Choose Carmignano for your experiences

If these experiences have inspired you and brought out a desire to learn more about Carmignano, do not hesitate.

Tenuta di Capezzana is ready to welcome you and make your stay in Tuscany truly unforgettable. Plan your trip and discover for yourself why Carmignano is a destination that offers so much more than you can imagine.

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