The history of the Contini Bonacossi family

Since the early 1900s, the Contini Bonacossi family has been caring with daily dedication for the enchanting lands of the Capezzana Estate and the fruits it seasonally produces.

Guardians of our territory.

Our family is the custodian of our land, where the roots of the art of cultivating vines and olive trees go back thousands of years. It is a precious tradition to lovingly produce wine and oil that tell of a wonderful land to be respected in order to leave it intact for future generations.

A story that begins in 1926 for our family but has very ancient roots

Our family acquired the property of Tenuta Capezzana in 1926, although the cultivation of vines and olive trees in Capezzana dates back to Etruscan times. In 1947, Cesare Alessandro Contini Bonacossi’s son, Augusto Alessandro, was joined by his eldest son Ugo, who returned from the war with a degree in agriculture. Ugo gradually transformed Capezzana from a sharecropping farm into a modern agricultural estate.

Ugo, a man of another era but with broad vision, enthusiastically welcomed the entry of his children, praising their individual qualities. The fourth generation is now represented by Beatrice, Filippo, and Benedetta, who, together with their grandchildren Ettore, Gaddo, and Serena, manage Tenuta di Capezzana.

Una pergamena con la prova che la coltivazione di viti e olivi nel territorio di Capezzana risale ad epoca etrusca.

Wine, Oil, and Artworks

In the estate, time remains suspended, the spirit of Vittoria and Alessandro, great art collectors, has remained unchanged: paintings, sculptures, ceramics and furniture make Capezzana a Villa with Renaissance charm. Alessandro, the founder, was one of the greatest antiquarians of the 20th century. Together with his wife Vittoria, he created one of the most important private collections in the world. The main nucleus of this extraordinary collection was donated in 1969, by his children, to the Italian State, thus becoming the Donazione Contini Bonacossi, which can be visited since 2018 inside the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

Il rispetto della terra e la filosofia

Balance, Elegance, and Tradition: The Key Words for Each of Our Products

“Tradition understood not as a statue, but as a moving line, a ship that follows a course.”

We produce organic wine and oil, with a philosophy based on the union of past history and innovation: the goal is to manage our land while respecting the natural cycle of the ecosystem and biodiversity. The love and passion for the land has been passed down in our family for generations, going hand in hand with the continuous search for innovative methodologies.

Come learn about the history of the Contini Bonacossi family and our wineries

We are pleased to welcome you to the Capezzana Estate, where you can immerse yourself in the history and culture of our area and learn about our products, wines and oil. We offer guided tours to discover the beauty of the Estate and its countryside, as well as tastings to sample our excellent products. We are ready to welcome you to have an unforgettable experience!

Presso la Tenuta di Capezzana è possibile prenotare esperienze di degustazione guidate dei vini più famosi di Carmignano
Vista della Tenuta di Capezzana dall'alto. Vivi un'esperienza unica con i tour della Tenuta e visita le vigne e le cantine storiche di Capezzana
Una botte di Carmignano D.o.c.g. del 2019 presso le cantine storiche di Capezzana