Tradition and Innovation at Capezzana

Combining tradition and innovation, Tenuta di Capezzana represents the Tuscan wine excellence, in full respect of the environment and biodiversity.

From Respectful Agriculture to Organic Certification

In 2009, we embarked on a journey towards more respectful agriculture, and today, after years of dedication, we are proud to be certified organic by Bioagricert. By abandoning the use of chemical products, we have returned to the agricultural practices of the past, rediscovering the importance of direct contact with the land and the respect for future generations who will inherit our work.

Unique Terroirs for Wines Rich in History

Traditional agricultural practices such as cover cropping have become the norm at Capezzana. We sow legumes in our vineyards to naturally fix nitrogen in the soil and add organic matter. This practice, combined with the use of light tractors to avoid soil compaction, helps to maintain soil health and its ability to retain oxygen and water, enriching it with microorganisms.

Nella Tenuta di Capezzana si praticano ancora tecniche agricole tradizionali come il sovescio che con l'uso di trattori leggeri aiuta a mantenere un terreno naturalmente ricco
Nella Tenuta di Capezzana si parla di rispetto integrato dove vengono preferiti metodi naturali all'utilizzo dei prodotti chimici

Nature at the Center

At Capezzana, we don’t talk about ‘fighting’ nature, but about ‘integrated respect’. We limit the use of chemicals, preferring natural methods to manage any insect threats. We believe that normal natural pest control is sufficient to maintain a bearable level of any damage, and we argue that by respecting nature and its biodiversity, we are able to leave a still fertile land for future generations.

The Cellar of Old Vintages

Our cellars, which bear witness to a long history of winemaking, hold prized vintages that represent the true essence of Capezzana. Each bottle is a piece of our heritage, an expression of the balance and elegance that distinguish our wines. The new vintages are an exciting promise of what Capezzana has to offer, always maintaining a strong connection to our history and our land.

Nelle cantine storiche della Tenuta di Capezzana sono ancora conservati vini di annate pregiate che rappresentano la vera essenza di Capezzana
Alcuni vini di annate storiche ancora conservate nelle cantine della Tenuta di Capezzana